Video Conferencing and Video Surveillance Systems Are the Wave of the Future for Businesses! |

In the 21st century, business is more complicated and stressful than ever. Thankfully, we now have the technology to help all company employees be more productive and secure in the workplace while also helping save money and time.

If you’re the leader or owner of a multilocation, chain, national, or worldwide company, chances are good that you know all about the hassles of business trips. Whether you travel by plane, train, or automobile, the hassle of tickets, departure and arrival times, connections, directions, and more can take most of the steam out of you–and your employees–before the meeting even starts! Thankfully, now there is a better solution than frequent business travel–video conferencing.

Video conferencing systems can make it feel as though your long-distance business partners and coworkers are sitting right in the room with you! Connect Japan to New Jersey, New Jersey to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between, without complicated travel plans. Check out some of the advantages of installing video conferencing systems in your company’s meeting rooms:

  • Save money – When you have a video conferencing system, you will drastically reduce the need for your company and your employees to spend money on the road, be it on tickets, meals, tolls, hotels, or gas. A company that frequently sent employees on trips in the past can pay for its video conference system in no time.
  • Save time – Scheduling business meetings will be a breeze when you don’t have to take into account flight itineraries! Your employees will just come into work as they normally do and spend a grand total of two minutes “traveling” to their meeting as they cross the distance from their office to the conference room. Then, when the meeting is done, they can go right back to work, saving time and increasing productivity!
  • Be less intrusive – Don’t forget, when employees are sent to far-off cities for meetings, they are not only being taken away from their work desks. They are also being taken away from their families. Video conferencing systems allow employees to make it home for dinner, or attend their child’s soccer game. These moments are irreplaceable, and your workers will thank you for the opportunity to enjoy more of them. Worker morale and productivity will increase, making for a win-win situation all around.
  • Increase punctuality and functionality - How many times has a meeting been planned for weeks or months at a certain time and a certain place, only have something out of your control–like bad weather or delayed flights–cause only half the attendees to make the meeting? Or how many times has an important document been left at the home office, rendering the meeting less productive? With video conferencing, everyone will have everything they need, right where they are, and without travel disruptions to factor in, more meetings will go off without a hitch.
  • Obtain another source of income – Rent out your video conferencing system to companies that do not own one, and earn extra cash!

Call your local corporate communications provider today to learn more about video conferencing solutions and other great business technology products.

A video conferencing system isn’t the only way to use video technology to your advantage in the workplace. Video surveillance systems are a great way to maintain complete control over the goings-on at your place of business, both inside and out. Strategically placed cameras can:

  • Deter crime by outsiders and employees alike
  • Help catch criminals
  • Record inappropriate workplace behavior
  • Increase productivity
  • Allow you to monitor your workplace for process and productivity improvements

See everything and know your culprits, from who stole from the cash till to who stole your shrimp rangoon out of the company refrigerator. Video surveillance systems give you a set of omniscient eyes and allow you to run a tight ship! Watch from a centralized location or from your computer for stealth, real-time surveillance, or just record data to review later! No matter what your needs or preference, there is a video surveillance system out there for you. Call your local business technology provider today for details.

Travel by Train – An Alternative To Flying |

With airfare through the roof for some routes and the potential threat to privacy of security screening, more and more people are opting to travel domestically either by car or by train these days. Once not too long ago, most long-distance travel was accomplished comfortably by train.

Some families have chosen the comfort and luxury of the railway over the stuffed, turbulent travel in a tube of a plane. Some people also consider travel by train a way of giving back to the environment by using a less pollution producing means of travel.

The ones who do use cars know that a “good trip” might mean that there is fast food, dirty rest stops and potential accidents waiting around every curve. Back when cars were scarce and people took trains more often than today traveled in a luxury that an airplane and car simply cannot compete with.

In those days there weren’t a lot of paved highways anyway, so the ride was horrible. Today there are plenty of great travelways but you have to contend with traffic, poor drivers and frequent stops for gas. Airplanes today are nothing more than pollution producers and do not provide the comforts of train travel.

Back when trains were a primary source of long distance travel air travel was only for those who had lots and lots of money. So people traveled by train, and passenger comfort wasn’t high on the priority list of the train companies. Today, however, times have changed! You can have full cooked meals in the luxury of your own sleeping compartment.

There is an observation car that you get to see the countryside that you pass through. If you are doing business, there is highspeed internet access and in some trains the sleeping compartments even have TV’s with console games for the kids.

Back in the day when trains were a primary source of long distance travel every trip was an adventure and had the appeal of something right out of the pages of a novel.

Today, train travel is fast, safe and still holds the air of adventure. It’s not as fast as air travel, of course, but it is very fast compared to a bus or even a car in some respects. In many foreign countries, train travel even rivals air travel for speed and exceeds air travel in punctuality which can be of importance to business travelers.

Many times when people choose to travel by train today, the destination is important, but the adventure of the trip can be well more than half the fun.